I don't even really know where to start, so I figure I'll just throw this out there and see where it goes.

My daughter is disabled. She's in sports and dance, but it's taken my wife and I years to find out about the organizations she's now in, and that's mostly through word of mouth. Other families have told us because they've had the years of experience that we didn't. And now we're passing the information on to other less experienced families. And that's a problem that everyone we've talked to agrees upon: there's really no good way of discovering what organizations are out there, and what they can help with.

There exist some sites out there like https://challengedathletes.org/reso... which are really just lists of sites, but really nothing more to indicate that this group has wheelchair basketball, that group has adaptive ballet, that kind of thing. So I'm thinking, what if I built a site that provided an index. Searchable, faceted, like Algolia or AWS Cloudsearch. That part I can do. But how would I go about gathering the information? Could I somehow scrape it? If so, how do I organize it? Do I crowdsource by petitioning /r/disability, the Facebook support groups my family belongs to, and other places across the interwebs?

I can design the data model. I can build the webapp. I can make it fast and pretty and easy to use. But how do I get the data?

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    Scrape it. At least at tjr beginning. And ask the sites if they vcan provide the data in a structured way
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    I built e-health supportive platforms for this in 2007 ... The company died a year after... Even tho these products have a legit market, there isn't alot of profits to be made just by linking referrals ...

    That being said, the e-health still has shitloads of untouched opportunities ...
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