All printer drivers/software is utter trash. Change my mind!

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    I will not. In the US, there is no point in owning your own printer anymore, from a financial standpoint. Paying individually for printouts at a library or even at a fedex/UPS store is without exception, less expensive than owning your own printer.
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    many cups-drivers are quite good.
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    I only have issues with my printer randomly deciding to be "not connected" or throwing driver errors... :/
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    @bahua there are 100 dollar mono laser printers that last forever and literally no required service. I have only put paper in mine for like 6 years, not even ink! Never even had a paper jam.

    If you get canon ink jets or any ink jet then yeah your life will suck
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    Sure, but they aren't for sale at Best Buy. You have to know, and you have to find one.
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