How to become a freelance web developer?

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    1. Do some open source projects
    2. Contribute to some open source projects
    3. Recreate some UI designs from dribble
    4. Put all these in a portfolio website
    5. Sign up to Upwork
    6. Complete your profile with projects, skills and summary
    7. Start biding small and on small projects
    8. Wait and be patient
    9. After you get accepted act professional
    10. Show your projects if need to
    11. Complete the project
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    Apprentice to someone who is running his own shop and needs an extra hand. Buy the business from him when he decides he wants to see his children often enough for them to remember his face.

    (True story.)
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    But I suggest you to visit the original rant URL from above page. Original rant has more information and comments.
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    i worked a job for 3 years to get experience, once i knew enough of servers + frontend i started looking for clients, got 1, quit my job, & here i am. Have enough money saved up for 6 months of expenses though because it's a big switch
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    It's my 4th year freelancing now. What I did was:
    - make sure to have enough experience and education so you're sure to get contract jobs
    - if you have any plans that require massieve loans, such as a mortgage, be sure to get that while you are still permanently employed
    - save your days off so you can quit your job while you still have payed days off to find a contract
    - make sure to have a small financial buffer, just in case
    - quit your job
    - find a contract job
    - done!
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    @spikadongalent please elaborate what worked for you 😀😀
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    @spikadongalent hahaha okk got it
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