Finally got some fruition out of my job hunting.. a publishing company wants to hire me. Only issue.. they're paying only ~€1k/m (before or after tax.. no idea.. and the tax on individuals here in Belgium definitely isn't any better) and that's even split between me and another guy I'd be collaborating with, and then there's some royalties. I can't pay shit with that. The argument being that it'll give me experience. #forexposure, #forexperience!!!

Well at least it's paid at all unlike internships I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Better than nothing and something to put on your cv
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    @epse pretty much yeah.. that's the main reason that I'm considering it to be honest. Hopefully the welfare agencies here in Belgium support just subtracting what I'd be making there from theirs and not flat out say "you're working now, you obviously don't need any of this anymore"...
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    @Condor they do, but there's a lot of asterisks and footnotes so having a word is worthwhile
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    i get in my current 2k€ before taxes. Now deduct 35% for taxes and other things.
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    Did you show them your devrant ++s?
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    @ravijojila I would lose my ability to rant about them if I did 😜
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    Isn't 1k€/month below minimum wage? Or is that not a full time job?
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    @StopMotionCuber I think it's right around minimum wage yes, and below that during what would be my first project with them. My current income from the welfare program here is about the same.. without tax. They'll get what they pay for of course. E.g. guy asked to do some stuff in the weekend, guy can kindly fuck off and wait till next week 🙂
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    Negotiate! exposure is bollocks, its exploitation. get a proper contract of employment not nudges and winks so you know where you stand, how much they intend to pay, hours, sick pay, holiday allowance, termination. Get it in writing, don’t work until you do. They will be legally obliged to provide this especially by European law.
    The Employment Information Directive 1991 requires that every employee (however defined by member state law) has the right to a written statement of their employment contract.[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    Exposure to uncle Bob and auntie Mary ain't worth shit.

    Unless it's in NASDAQ company I'd say don't bother.
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