More than 50% of my work is due to the fact people don't do what they are suppose to do.

"Joe is suppose to submit report X every week. He hasnt been keeping up so make a script that reminds him if he's late. Better yet make a tool so Joe doesn't waste those 3 minutes every week."

Me: Tell him to do his job.

"But we need you to do it"

Me: Fine

"Suzie is complaining she does this menial task"

Me: She was hired to do that.

"Can we automate it?"

Me: No

"X is broken"

Me: I know. Group Y isn't doing what they are suppose to.

"Go talk to them so you can see why they aren't doing it. Then bend over backwards so you can handle these kinds of issues due to their laziness in the future."

Me: Fine...

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    Maybe you should apply for a management position
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    I'm greatly oversimplifying in my examples so not really applicable, but still an interesting tool to keep in mind nonetheless.
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    Good side of being self-employed: Nobody else to pass tasks off to you.

    Bad side of being self-employed: Sometimes you forget you have more than enough tasks on your plate already and create more in an effort to "make life easier on yourself..."
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