Are you using your own laptop at work? Or your company provides you with a company laptop? I use my own at work because I don't like to develop using company windows desktop.

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    At school, they provide Mac laptops, so I bring my own every day.
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    Due company confidentiality, they should provide you a computer. A friend of mine worked at a factory, and the day he took his laptop to the work (he was going to school after work) the guards wanted to confiscate his laptop.

    I’d rather ask for a computer instead of using my personal laptop. If something suspicious happens and you use your own laptop, they could think that you were stealing data or something like that.

    Don’t panic, just some advice.
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    I use a desktop PC at work.

    You should not use personal laptop for company matters.
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    Company's notebook with different windows and Linux vm's on it.
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    Company laptop and desktop. Both run Linux but then, I'm a Linux engineer so windows wouldn't make sense for me ;)
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    @irene they allow me because their desktop computer is slow 😂
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    I work in open source, and my organisation provides whatever the fuck I want, they don't restrict us on OS we can use personal devices as well but we are responsible for them to be in line with security policies.

    Still some people develop on windows. 😂
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    @Devnergy why haven't they give you appropriate machine to work on? 🤔
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    @irene They gave me an option to upgrade the windows desktop computer or use my own laptop and they'll just provide a good external monitor. I agree with @RustyCookie , whether company or own computer, we are resposible with company confidential information 😀
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    @Devnergy upgrade by yourself?
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    @irene they will upgrade it. My boss is a good person (I'm a good person too 😇 ) and I just chose the "own laptop + good external monitor" as it is much cheaper than the upgrade. I'm not abusive like my past coworker who demands lots of expensive upgrades.
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    I'm using my own laptop with Windows and Linux installed. It's just much easier to work remotely when I always have everything on me, instead of creating a new environment every time I'm needed outside of office.
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    @Devnergy well, I'd choose for employer to upgrade my work hardware instead. It's an employer's duty.
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    @Agred ssh?

    We have kinda complex stack that is a pain in the ass to setup so whenever I want to use another machine, I ssh to my workplace rig. That way I can use any device I want without wasting time to set up things, and have the same environment setup, same packages, directories etc.
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    I got a MacBook and dual booted it with Ubuntu, works fine :)

    I do occasionally open bitbucket or jira on my private pc's, but my private keys are on my work pc and I keep them therr
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    Anything is better than a Windows Laptop 😅
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    @hrwx isn't it nice for c# development?
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    @alexbrooklyn .Net Core available on linux (http://www.mono-project.com)
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    @hrwx I know, but harder if you have to maintain a %$@#! code base written in .net :(
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