finally exited vim...

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    *Que's up "He stopped loving her" by George Jones...*
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    And the display won’t break 😄
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    I may be wrong, but that looks like a Mac. When my mac is forced to turn off, dead battery, holding power button, whatever when I boot it up again my stuff is all still open.... Vim is still open in there.
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    @datacorrupt I don't know about forcing it to shutdown but shutting down or restarting the normal way, a mac should prompt you to close the terminal session, doing so causes vim to send whatever contents it has open to a swap file. At least thats the way it is on here with neovim, I've only used vim with slackware.
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    good fuck, how hard is it to google and find :x and :wq and :q! before feeling the need to annihilate a thousand+ dollar laptop @_@
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    @corscheid wait what does :x do?
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    Umm.. delete character before the cursor? https://fprintf.net/vimCheatSheet.h...
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    @datacorrupt oh ok, I’ve only got the command line commands that I have to use memorized so far. I thought you were saying that was another way to quit.
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