And it will only connect to the pixel 4 xxxl because fuck consumers :-)

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    You confuse Google with apple.
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    @Emphiliis not anymore, Google is just so backwards when it comes to hardware and software, literally every pixel phone is just littered with artificial software exclusivity for no reason.

    I remember when android pie was announced and they said there were some features that would be in it and they were all demoed on a pixel 2 xl... Come android pie you need to have a pixel 3 to use them .-.
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    @lxmcf this... And I'm not an apple fan... Google is the new ms and apple
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    @dontbeevil I'm a Google fanboy and will still admit they are acting like assholes with this.

    And the fact that the pixels were supposed to be 'made by Google' yet they are still made by seperate companies exactly how the nexus device were... So this huge jump in price is because of what now?
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    So... Don't buy it?

    I don't see why people find this concept hard.
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    @seraphimsystems I probably won't, I've given up on the pixel brand after owning 1 device...

    Going to swap to Nokia next time and stick with my current smart watch
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    Why would you need a spyware anyway
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