Am i the only person who hates reactjs so much?
Jsx , so much nesting, unreadable code. U need to create lots of components and reinvent the wheel everytime u need to add a litle tiny feature. No global logic (controller)
Raaaaah what a mess...

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    I feel OK with jsx. Logic scattered around may more likely due to the way you code.
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    @buitrung the logic is inside the component. There is no easy way to put a global logic for the whole app lifecycle. Of course everything is doable in the end, but i feel it's very complicated for no real added value
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    @devapsarl if the logic is in a separate place rather than being with the template, and you have some reusable logic inside, you still have to put it somewhere else and import it in current component’s logic. Not much a difference.
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    I think you should grasp the concepts of react before ranting about it. All the problems you described are pretty easily solvable. Go back to the basics.
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