damn the number of likes for a stress ball keep going up, how am I going to get 200 when the highest I got so far is 65 😢. guess I'm going to have to spend $6 for one 😧

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    I'm so zen, I don't need a stress ball 😑
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    hehehe I have gotten that much ++ but am still waiting for my ball since end of July 😢
    anyways, I am optimistic that I will get it very soon 👍
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    @tysa yeah I never got my stickers. I'm at a new place now so maybe I would get the ball, I could use it between fixing up a new house, working, and my wife throwing fits over small crap
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    @jckimble sorry to hear about that man. Especially about the wife with fits..I wouldn't know how that'd feel.
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