Me: Dear Boss, what should I do first? Thanks 😇
1. Rush
3. Urgent
4. Important
5. Priority
6. I Need That Now

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    Are these ordered by importance?
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    @kamen anything goes mate. Choose your own poison 😀
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    We use pie scoring (potential/impact/ease), so a task is rated based on much it improves the product, how many people would be positively affected by the change, and how difficult the change is to implement.

    We use Scrum story points for "ease", those are decided upon by devs + Scrum Master.

    The other two values are assigned by product owner + stake holders.

    Then you just multiply the numbers, sort from high to low, and fill up a two-week sprint based on the average team velocity.

    In case of incidents, then sprint can be adjusted, but the person breaking our cadence is then responsible for informing the other stake holders why his/her incident had such a sudden priority change.

    Devs don't do anything other than grab the next task from the top of the stack — although some minor shuffling is allowed to accommodate for specialisms and personal preferences.
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    It's easy :)

    1. I Need That Now – like right now, right?
    2. ASAP – the soonest possible after now
    3. Urgent – now we can deal with urgent problems
    4. Rush – nobody will die because of it just yet, but you'd better rush, things can change
    5. Priority – the most important among important
    6. Important – because they won't ask you to do anything that's not important

    But really, there should be just 2 separated scopes of priority levels never to be mixed up.
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    @lyxsus I like your reasoning but to most bosses, those are all mean the same thing 😀
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    @M1sf3t This might return 0. Shouldn't it be ceil ?
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