Sometimes I get so much energy out of nowhere, it's like a burst of adrenaline pumping inside my body.

This makes it difficult to concentrate and think straight.

The consequence is to find ways to release energy, which means doing something that I'm not satisfied with (bad habit).

Any techniques to handle such energy?

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    Stop drinking cola? 😀
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    @myss I'll change the username ;) No but seriously, I really need some advice. One of my colleague moves like he is a turtle.
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    Drink coffee 24/7 like the rest of us, so that the calm moments are the strange ones
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    @svgPhoenix Coffee doesn't make u relax.
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    @M1sf3t Thanks, CBD oil is something I'll try.
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    I am going to say an apparent thing but you need to calm down. I can't help saying this. So, I am convinced that cbd is able to help you in such situations. You can read this article https://shop.joyorganics.com/produc... and see all the cases where cbd is necessary for you. Have a look at it
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    @Hauptbahnhof However, it is important to be aware of the potential side effects of CBD before using it.
    Therefore, it is important to start taking CBD very vigilantly and consciously. Start with a low dose and gradually increase it. If you notice any side effects, simply reduce the dose.
    Check this website with very useful content: https://cbdoilratings.net/
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    I know the feeling and times I need more energy tho. Should look into what nootropics could help you bunch out there some work for most across the board but some work better for others know what I mean. But big thing that helps is CBD and CBG, some oils work well some don't I find it better to use Water-Soluble CBD can find it in some products like gold goat energy its CBD infused Water-Soluble CBD can check it out https://goldgoatenergynortheast.com
    Some would think having caffeine would be bad thing but look into it and try it with CBD mixed find it to help better.
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