Gets run over by truck. Laptop in peaces. Insurrance needed to be sure it was actually broken. Sends laptop to a repair center. They tell me its broken. Repair center asks if I want my laptop back. I said: yes pls. Get laptop back. RAM stolen SSD stolen. Reee! They forgot to send it back..... I mean, you did not have to take out those parts to see it i broken.

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    For those wondering: I'm doing fine!
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    Why was there a truck driving on your desk? Hope you get your property back.
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    @electrineer ask the truck driver :P
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    I'd be fucking pissed, but at least you're alright and that's what matters the most.
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    Insurance needed to be sure if its actually broken? What the fuck? Its broken into two half and insurance want you to validate if its actually broken? WHAT THE FUCK?? Ask it if its broken on stackoverflow and attach this picture. You will have more dislikes than youtube rewind 2018.
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    This simple flowchart might help.

    How To Tell If It’s Broken

    Does it work?
    |— Yes: It’s not broken
    |— No: It’s broken
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    @hack closed because question is too broad

    Get it? Lappy is too broad
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    I think just that photo should be enough proof that it is indeed broken
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    @EmberQuill Are you sure tho?
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    Not looking down on anyone but people who work insurance are not actually skilled in problem solving, logic building or empathy etc... They actually don't like you asking for your money back on what they promise, they are an organized and legalized mob...

    I'm sleep deprived!
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    Fun fact: They called me and told me they never took my parts. I'm mad....
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    @lecethimon file a report for stolen property
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