Lights in the bathroom at work are on a movement sensor.
I'm in the shitter browsing devRant.
The lights go out.
tl;dr I'm pants down in the dark right now someone please send help.

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    the resources:
    Your mind and years of expirience as a software writer.
    Your Phone with the termux shell emulator app.
    Company Wifi

    the challange:
    Hack the facility management software and turn on the light and save yourself from eternal darkness.

    Good luck!
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    I had the same during the GGJ. Use the flashlight on your phone
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    @Alice I'm wondering how the raspberry pi toaster could help here...
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    @CoffeeNcode I mean. He could use the company iot toaster (idea by Alice, do not steal) to toast an SOS with directions on some bread. Someone will probably see it.
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