Found this girl who also loves coding like me..... She's very studious... Have been doing projects with her inorder to spent time with her...Like for 3 years now....

But I don't understand what our relationship status is.....I tried asking her out..she just changes the topic every fuckin time... Like she also tend to spend time with me but doing technical stuff only....

I'm totally debugger zonez

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    Ask her the damn question. I can't believe some people still live in 60s
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    @asgs things too complicated
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    She's not into you but likes your current relationship.
    She fears that if she rejects you the relationship will change.
    Look elsewhere.
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    You should totally visit growapair.com
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    @vocuzi that's one heck of an advice
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    @vocuzi that took me a minute to understand.... I was totally gonna visit the site 😅
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    And the most difficult part is she being my classmate.... I tend to keep looking at her every fckin time... That's so distracting man!!
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    @TejeshJadhav If you really want it, talk to her.

    Distraction is futile.
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    fuckin betas
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    Ask her out to a date. And by date I mean a date. If she doesn’t say yes she’s not into you. You gotta learn that anything but a yes is a no.
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    This is easy, if the only thing that happens between you two is work, then she see you as a coworker, nothing more, nothing less. The rest is in your mind (specifically, in your imagination).
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    What @ravijojila said.
    It's not hard.

    And if you force it, she won't be a friend anymore.
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    @vocuzi motherfu- I actually wondered if my internet wasn't working there for a sec
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    I reckon they are keeping you in reserve in case you get wealthy, then they will date you.

    Until then, they will just avoid giving you a straight answer.

    If you push them for an answer, it will be no, and most likely they will stop being your #whatever.

    Enjoy the time you can together, and try to figure out more things you can do together, which are fun, but you don't have to ask like its a date. :-)

    Eg. It's not a date, "I'm just going to have a pizza, you can come too if you want.."

    You'd be amazed how far that can get you !

    Eg. if you don't give what you have a name, it can be anything..
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    @Nanos Jeez, what kind of assholes surround you, if you think anyone who is nice to you, but doesnt't want to fuck your ass, is just keeping you warm to dig some gold down the road?
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    @vocuzi I'm usually smart I swear :D
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    @meowxiik I believe you xD
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    @Nanos I’m sorry, but this is a horrible idea. If someone isn’t into you at least as much to go on a date with you, that means you have no chance at a relationship with them. Period. The best you can do is forget about her and move on.
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    @620hun or, you know, stay friends with an awesome person? 🙄
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    @Root I mean forget about her as a love interest
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