Didn't really have one to speak of. The first time a girl showed any interest in me, I asked her to marry me, and she said yes. That was 34 years ago, and we're still good.😁

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    I know how you mean it, but I couldn't help myself and imagined it like this:

    She: Hey, wanna do homework together?
    You: Be my wife.
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    @metamourge pretty close. 😁
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    So old that your age is NAN anymore
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    “Hey, do you know...”
    “Marry me.”
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    @iAmNaN I bet you've used `sudo marry me` :)

    Jokes aside - congrats! 34 years with a developer is a LOT :)
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    @netikras almost lost her last month, but thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, she'll be with me another 30 or so. 😊
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    You're a one lucky fella....
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