But I also believe anything could be geeky if you're invested enough in it, so I'm also into pole-dancing

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    Um... so I've heard pole dancing described as a lot of different things but this is definitely a first for "geeky" 😅
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    Pole dancing is a lot of hard work. I've got a friend that teaches and the stuff she can do just amazes me.
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    @M1sf3t I consider it geeky as it gets quite technical, although I can agree that it's not as -raw- geeky
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    oh yea, it is definitely a very technical skill and does require quite a bit of hard work and training. I dated a couple of aspiring/amateur... we'll just keep going with pole dancers here. Sprains, bruises and pulled muscles seemed to be the norm.
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    I don't have the strength for that.

    Not even close.
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    @Root if you ever decide you want to try, just keep in mind the thing spins very, very easily.

    Took me twice to figure that out. The first time I forgot just as quickly as I learned. The after affects of a severe concussion no doubt as I was told later when I came too that I had bounced off the wall pretty damn hard 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    @hypervtechnics yes, choo-choo transportation machines
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    @Root I didn't either in the beginning, but once you get into it, it builds up on its own
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    @shinypotato I think the whole topic of transportation except trucks is quite interesting ^^
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    @hypervtechnics you haven't been around enough long-haulers then. Some of the custom sleepers that are built on are technological marvels all to themselves.
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    @hypervtechnics definitely! I believe the scheduling part of it is really interesting
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    @shinypotato I think the history of e.g. old rails is pretty interesting too. In general transportation is such a huge system which has to function properly. Just amazing.
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