Interviewer: "I checked your Github, your side projects look very interesting! Tell me about your other hobbies."

Me: "other hobbies?"

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    Code is life. We love what we do.
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    This is me 😂
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    @kalippu Stole my comment! ++
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    Triathletes unite!
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    I don't know how it is in the states, but in Europe we mostly work to live, not the other way. So it is an important question in an interview, that you actually have hobbies to sidestep stress and work. I've seen people not getting the job because they were only into coding
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    @viking8 I'm living in Europe too, and I have a couple of collagues like the ones you just described. A programmer should strive to make his/her craft better. It can be pretty demoralizing when you do a task in 2 hours rather than waiting a week on the slow developer. The key is to enjoy what you do :)
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    @viking8 that's important, because work isn't everything. But my point being that coding is what I do to sidestep work, it's just a plus that I also get paid for doing it during the day at an office~

    At least for me all through school programming was a way to get away from classes and the stress of school, start a new side project, learn a new language, a great hobby! When they ask what my hobbies are after talking about the side projects in my github, like, "I thought we were just talking about my hobby"
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    Having a hobby is important. Take a step back and find something else. For me, at this point, my hobby is moving.
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    show him your bitbucket account
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    Just say you like watching documentaries or reading books.
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    @99 r
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