That node module just Finished uploading to git

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    Who the fuck commit and push node_modules?
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    Are you serious? No. Why there is an Podfile?

    BTW: nobody programs iShit, at least they don't talk about the shame 🤫
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    You want to tell me that it's an advantage to keep the Pods in your repository because of lack of internet or vanished Pod repositories or to keep the right version‽

    Dude, never use instable or outdated Pods from suspicious repositories for production use and internet is nearly everywhere...

    BTW: you still need internet to clone or pull a repository, that's why "keep the Pods in your repository because you can't install them after cloning a repository if you don't have an internet connection" is NOT a reason.

    Why there is a version number in Podfiles? Right, to get the right version of the Pods you need.

    Maybe you want to use .zip and Google drive as version control 😂

    just kidding 😏
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    @apokalipscke Hahah, It was my first project.
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