Has anyone felt the need to go back to school after finishing their 4 year degree? There are a handful of reasons why I want to, but for some reason it seems like it might be a waste of time/money.

On the other hand I miss the atmosphere, constant learning, and feeling like I'm a part of a community. Although getting a paycheck is nice.

Any thoughts/input?

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    Never felt comfortable at school so that never crossed my mind.

    Degree was a time loss too. It's nice to have that paper but it's not that valuable, IMO.
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    If I could ever get my cousin on here, he'd be the person to ask. Mechanical Eng. grad but has fucked with computers for as long as I can remember. Only a year younger than me too so no high school computer classes beyond basic keyboarding techniques either. Worked a year or two in the auto industry then decided he wasn't being given enough leadway to do what he wanted at GM so he went back to school for software. Clepted every required prereq, and started back as a grad student in one of the university's software programs. Been there over a year now and I don't think there has been a single week that went by that he didn't message me bitching about how he isn't learning shit and regrets the decision. Granted his work with ml and automation already has recruiters offering six figure salaries left and right, but thats b/c of a research job and not what he's actually studying. Pretty sure if he does stick it out, he'll also be looking at at least that in loan repayments.
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