Has anyone felt the need to go back to school after finishing their 4 year degree? There are a handful of reasons why I want to, but for some reason it seems like it might be a waste of time/money.

On the other hand I miss the atmosphere, constant learning, and feeling like I'm a part of a community. Although getting a paycheck is nice.

Any thoughts/input?

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    Never felt comfortable at school so that never crossed my mind.

    Degree was a time loss too. It's nice to have that paper but it's not that valuable, IMO.
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    Well mostly it’s the environment the nostalgia that makes us want to go back there. It is true that after we have https://australian-writings.org// and our degree we might think that if given another chance we might have done better. But that is not true. Given another chance we would still do the same and it would be a huge loss of money and time. So move on with it and learn from the real environment only that will sharpen your skills that you have learned through the theory you learned there.
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