What do people need? What will be the requirements of future?
App development, webdev, blockchain,.. snapchat, tiktok, insta... These are all just careers and apps whose sole purpose is to engage people with their phones... Every new app/website in the market wants to make the youngest of the young and oldest of the old to keep their eyes fixed on this glass screen for as long as they can... For the current decade, this has been the most successful market and profitable scheme of business in the world, leaving other careers like medical, astronomy, mechanics., Etc far behind.

So is this the future? In the next generation too we will be having users who are addicted to smaller and smaller and larger and larger screens, with their spectacle width thickening ... Or are we going to shift to some other form of business?

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    It's like introducing cheap sugar to a country. Except it's more like cocaine.

    First the adults need to learn how to handle it and limit it so it doesn't take up our lives. Then they need to teach this to the youth timely so that can handle it too, from a younger age that we learnt it.

    It's not happening tho. I'm a privileged, educated adult who realized this problem in
    in my life some 5 years ago, yet could not make a difference despite several attempts.
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    I think security is going to get more important, and I predict a downfall of certain social platforms
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    @karma i agree . with recent data breaches and mega companies like google and facebook being forced to to take serious actions on data breaches and cyber security, security is a good industry to look forward to.
    but to be able to really fight against hacking, we need to first know our systems and network in deep depth, and at the same time learn about the new ways by which hackers try to access the data. None of which is taught in fuckin clg syllabus
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