TLDR; My laptop's CPU temperature becomes +90 C when I compile stuff.

I have two different laptops that have the exact same configs and OS. I use one as a desktop and the other one is just for school stuff and homework. As you might think, the one that I use as a desktop is looking like a mini desktop. I was into DIY stuff while ago so I made a custom case and separate the LCD as well. Don't ask me why though.

Today I was working on a personal project that has relatively complex build config. Since the compilation always took 3 to 5 mins I went to the kitchen for some coffee. Bumm. My laptops fans are working in a way that one can think they're in the airport. Seriously. All 8 cores are +90 C when I checked them.

The next thing I did was compiling the same project on the other laptop which I used for school projects. It took like 20 mins to compile but the max temperature was like 50 C.

So, in the end, I'm still trying to find the reason for that behaviour.

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    Maybe you accidentally hit the CPU cooler during modding, it became a bit loose, and now it doesn't conduct the heat properly anymore.

    Or you used the desktop one with wall power, the other one on battery, which would also explain why the cooler laptop takes longer - because max frequency throttling.
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    Exact same CPU ?

    Maybe different batches/etc. ?

    One the heatsink is clogged with dust ?

    I notice one laptop here, its got a design fault, it can't run at 100% cpu without overheating.

    In such cases, I'm prone to taking the case apart and drilling lots of extra holes in it. :-)

    I'm not sure my mum would like that for her laptop though..
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    Perhaps the CPU thermal compound on the the hot one needs replacing ?
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    Maybe the fans need oiling and are not running at full speed, or one or more of them are seized.

    I have to oil mine about every 6 months !

    I find oil for steam engines works best. :-)

    Looking for grease recommendations though !

    That should last longer right.. ?
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    I wish PC's had grease nipples..
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    It sounds like the second laptop has a low thermal or power threshold so it throttling itself... So it doesn't hit the 80 degrees but also making the compile last longer
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    @Nanos then you have crappy fans. Mine (in desktop) are 9 years old and don't get stuck.
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    @Fast-Nop I can't afford good fans !

    One of them is good, it came from a mini-computer 20 or 30 years old, whisper quiet.

    Actually, I think the CPU one is a good one, I got it half priced only used a bit.
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    The problem was solved after re-installing the OS with the built-in battery plugged in. It's interesting though, I mean what is being installed differs when the battery is available and I couldn't find anything different after booting into the system. Thanks for the different solution ideas!
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    Reminds me, isn't there some issue with some Dell laptops that if the battery goes totally flat, it never charges it up again ?
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