First time my laptop acted as a CV.

I've been in a personal project with my pal for like a three months. We meet sometimes at a cafe which is a very nice workplace, we often see more people with laptops, so we are not the only ones that thinks so.

My pal was waiting for me, he got a table early and then I arrived. there was a guy nearby us.

Me: (this guy has a newest new macbook pro, fucking riche)

-- I sit, put my laptop and start to work with my pal --

The guy starts looking at my stickers without hiding his doing at all. I noticed that instantly

Me: (Crap, he's gonna ask something :( )

-- I kept discussing stuff with my pal for like 5 minutes and then it happened. the guy stands up and... --

Guy: hey! how are you? sorry for bother, are you perhaps developers? I'm asking because I saw your stickers

Me: mmm yes

Guy: Do you have a job currently?

Me: We are in a project (No need to mention this is personal project and I got my full time job)

Guy: Oh, ok, no problem, you see I got a company, and currently we are looking for people to work with us, we want frontend developers with javascript skills preferable, but anything is welcome. Interviews starts next week, so if you are interested or know someone that could be, I'll give you my card and please write me at my mail if anything.

Me: got it, no problem.

-- I tried my best to hide my displeasure face(but I think I showed it a little), for him to being a riche with a new macbook pro, and you know, the interruption, I wanted to be focused while working in da project --

-- I got the card, I read it a bit, didn't dig into too much, there was stuff to do at the moment. the guy already returned to his chair and my friend --

Pal: Excuse me Mr Guy, what's the job tittle?

Me: (FUCK! dude!, we're working in our shit, don't give him more reason to try to scout us. we are behind the schedule and I need to explain this shit to you FFS)

Guy: Oh yes, will be frontend developer(again), but if you are a full stack that will be a plus too, we got some stuff with angular 1.x(ugh), and sencha touch(ugh) and ...(don't remember what else was it)

Pal: Ok and the job is full time in site? or are you open to work remotely

Me: (ok man, you sound interested, that makes me look interested too >:( )

Guy: preferable in site, but we would consider remotely depending on the person.

Pal: Good! thank you very much Mr. X

Guy: cool

-- Later on, like two hours, my friend goes to the counter for more coffee --

-- I text him: dude, I feel the guy will kidnap me or something --
-- then the guy start looking again at my laptop and... ---

Guy: hey! Jhon was your name right? Do you have experience with devops? I see your aws stickers

Me: yes

Guy: do you have experience with microservices?

Me: yes, a bit with lambda, also I've done some stuff with kubernetes, opsworks, rds and whatnot. no biggie

Guy: oh cool! we have a devops job too, there is a migration we need to do for an app to micro services. again if you are interested or know someone that it does. please mail me :)

Me: gotcha

There were no further interactions with Mr. Guy the rest of the day.

I'll be thrilled if someone ask me about my bee and puppycat sticker

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    Don't condescend him man. Running a startup is difficult. That was a good style of scouting instead of contacting random people on LinkedIn about random positions lol.

    Nice story though! Thanks for sharing 😁 Makes me want to have stickers too.
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    Interesting story dude! :D
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    Cool story. But can you explain why the fact that he's «rich»/has a new mac book triggers you so much? I don't get it and it throws me off a bit (I'm not rich, I never owned a mac)
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    @disolved Just a bad habit of me. apple sells you status more than functionality that's what I think. and as being in this country, every apple product costs you twice that would cost in the US.

    And as for the macbooks, I always prejudge, that's bad I know. Maybe he really does something ios/osx related stuff that requires it. Almost all people I know that got a mac machine did it because the status stuff, so the first thing I think when I see someone with it is 'fucking riche'. Is more easy than to think 'maybe he really needs it for this or that', maybe I'll change my mind when I buy one of those, I think that's how double standards works :)
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    @JhonDoe thanks for the honest answer, respect 👍
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    I use and old computer so, I’m cool.
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    Honestly, reading this you came across as a bit snob and arrogant, at the very least immature for shutting down a job opportunity without even considering it. Having a back up job could save you if this one goes wrong
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    @Khepu oh thank you.

    1. job opportunities here are plenty, I had no problem landing a job. one for the quantity of them, two because I have a little of experience. (yes, I'm not being humble at all with this one)

    2. If I'm not looking for a job, I'm not looking for a job, nor would consider accepting an offer unless is a big named company that lets me work just 1 hour a day(I'm not a genius so this is pretty impossible). so that won't happen

    3. I'm very happy with my current job, in which I've spent my last 5 years, I do not intend to leave the place yet. plus I'm gud at it

    4. I got some serious plans for my personal project, I've considered the planning of that according my current job(how much free time I got, how many nights I have to crunch over there. bla bla) so if do not need to look for a new job, I won't.

    So then, I think I've considered enough to not consider the offer. :)
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    I need sticker of Batman.
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    speaking of stickers. I ordered a bunch of them from redbubble. like two years ago, at that time my laptop was in a stickers-virgin state, none of the ordered stickers were dev related. couple of games, anime and weeb stuff...

    Months passed and then I asked what happened. they answered me that mailer lost them, etc etc. that they will sent me another batch free of charge but that will be just one time. that second batch didn't arrive either.

    Since them I've just getting stickers that people gift me or from the rare occasions I attend to an event
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    @creativeJuice thk you. I think I'm at least aware of that, if anything the guy was not rude at all, even charming. I would be in the same position looking for talent whenever the opportunity arises, or that's my plan for near future.

    I still show displeasure(facially) when people try to get me working in stuff that I don't want to(sencha and agular 1.x for that matter) and also interruptions when I'm in something important to me. Still working on that matter, not only hiding(fully) my displeasure but also being tolerant and open to listen thoroughly.

    My face from time to time still get the worst of me at work. like my boss intermediately knows my reaction from a question, looking at my face
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    On the list of things that never happened.

    Try, at least, to avoid judging a person for what the person has.
    If you judge the guy for the laptop, you might judge another guy for the shoes, watch, job title, etc.

    At the best you are just projecting your insecurities (calling him rich and that), at the worst you are just another asshole.
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