1. When you are inexperienced, probably you’ll need to accept any job.
2. Learn and discover what you prefer to working on.
3. Become an expert on you desired field.
4. You can choose where you would like to work.
Remember friends: Life is to short to work for an asshole.

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    for point 4. every day I realize I don't want to work on a company anymore, perhaps neither in development..
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    With just accepting any job you’re risking to be working for some garbage company.

    This is just like the relationships when you’re young or it’s your first partner. You think like “oh, I don’t deserve that and if I leave no one else would ever be interested in me”. That’s bullshit.

    There’ll always be an another, better person. There’ll always be an another, better company.

    Value yourself.
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    You can be inexperienced and have options. Also be really experienced but limited options. Depends on the market and what the experience is in.

    Everything else I agree :)
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    I'd like to argue it's important to work for an asshole for a little bit! that rage you feel carries over. it teaches you how to lead without being an asshole.

    just y'know, don't work for them for too long.
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