/* !rant
What do you appreciate the most when you code? A vertical ultra wide monitor makes me soooo happy. :) */

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    It looks somewhat weird.
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    @Minzkraut Trust me, after a day or two you get use to it and it's amazing!
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    I envy you, lucky bastard...
    I use a fuckin laptop with no external displays 0__0
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    I never thought about using ultrawide's vertically, thanks!
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    The issue with me and vertical is that my IDE has side panels that are useful. For example, the left side has my project files and the right side has my method explorer.
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    so beautiful
    looking forward to try this setup
    however i think the vertical ultra wide monitor is good only for text editors and terminal
    an IDE with side panels would be very messy
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    @fyroc with 120 symbols margin it is possible to entirely put there at least one side panel - method explorer, for example. And the files can be opened using horizontal panel above the editor.
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    Best setup...using it as well
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    Love vertical space, I can look through more of my code without scrolling 😁
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    Same setup. It just works.
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