Any HTML / Frontend designers here who could share their opinion on the following:

A company project of mine is basically a document store with a (deep) folder hierarchy.

The deep folder hierarchy is not negotiable / changeable.

However my brain fries when I try to come up with a - mobile friendly / responsible - design.

There are ~ 10 - 15 root folders, having a maximum of 3 subfolders, so:

Folder 1 -> Documents
Folder 1 -> Subfolder of 1 -> Documents
Folder 2 -> Subfolder of 2 -> Documents

Any ideas on howto design something like that?

Was thinking about using a top navigation for the folders and then the rest of the screen for the document information...
But with 15 elements in top navigation it would be hard to navigate on mobile I think....

The naming and everything else ist managed by the customer.

Any ideas?

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    Do you have an iPhone? or at least access to one. Have a look at the ios app called ‘files’ and just copy that. If its for use on smartphone, then do this. Forget trying to make a ‘website’ style interface. You can do this of sorts with html css as a bare min.
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    So... Navigation at the right side, content main window / rest.

    Hmm. Need to See this. I hate Apple. XD so I don't have a IPhone.
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    After a bit of searching I found the following image.

    I understand now what u mean.... I like the approach.

    Note: it's different in the Video as the Video is IPAD not IPHONE.

    Thanks. If anyone has more ideas, you're welcome. :)
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    @IntrusionCM Yep the iphone app is what i was getting at. Try get a go with it if you can.
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    Just check JSTREE once. Easy Shit to use if it satisfies your need. :)
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    Multi level accordion menu, using CSS only, or with JQuery.
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