When your home's infrastructure runs better and is more stable than some of the shit that's actually running enterprises because you actually do care about industry best practices and product quality.. it's a weird feeling. A very disappointing one, if anything.

Post-meritocracy, it very much seems to be a thing. And when you call people out for it because yes I do want to *be* the change that I want to see, they get all defensive and shun you. Yeah, let's make the world burn in inefficient, dysfunctional bullshit. That's a much better idea.

Are we humans really that far apart from the chimps that we descended from?

Worst part of it all, those incompetent bastards that can't possibly admit and work to improve their mistakes are the ones that are behind the companies' steering wheel. That too is such an excellent idea. I bet that half of them got employed only because they took the lowest wage and could (barely) turn on a computer. Fucking morons...

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    @irene post-sometgong hueaheuha I smiled :)
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    Management is like arrogant intelligent people:

    - thinks they know better than the doctor, car mechanic , everyone.

    - usually knows well only of its own area

    - does mediocre assumptions about everything else.
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    @irene post-somethong 😜
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    A few weeks ago one of patients in Pharmacy ask for Tabcin (paracetamolum and pseudoepherdinum) I said that we don't have one and it is even impossible to order. She ask for something for virus and I said that it is mostly for fever and paint. She said that it also kicks, I said that small effect could be cause by pseudoephedrine and after she ask for something similar I replaid that ibuprofen with pseudoephedrine will work even better, but she starts to be angry, because she wants antiviral drug not one for problem with nose :/ And after my reminder that none of them is antiviral she said that it could work differently for anyone... fuck me 😃

    People don't know shit how scientific method works, what science is and how limited human brain is and it is why we have arrogant clients, managers, patients and bosses.
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    @irene actually antiinflammatory effect of paracetamol is really week, because it works only for COX-3 in brain. Pseudoephedrine is for nose (shrinking blood vessels which works for running nose and mildly stimulate you), ibuprofen is way more potent as painkiller, also works as inflammatory drug and decrease your body temperature, also it is great that you could combine paracetamol and ibuprofen to increasse its effect (never combine ibuprofen and aspirn - increase in pain reduction is none or similar to higher dose of ibuprofen but risk for ulcer and internal bleeding increase way higher).

    Ibuprofen was in drug named Ibuprofen Paranasal Sinuses if I translate it correctly, but manufacturer name means shit it is like gaming laptop can only be use for gaming :/
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    @irene Good for you, it is often confuse with NSAID and mention with them in one line. Have nice day

    I wonder who will be mad at me today for trying to help them...
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    @Omnisus good point, most of the time it is indeed user error.

    The backstory of this rant was one I raved about on Telegram earlier today. Wanted to sign up to the website of one of my banks to check my balance there, noticed some very bad practices on both their website as well as their password security. 50 characters limit, and every time I wanted to use the password my password manager spat out, the sign-up returned 404 after form submission.

    Then I tried a much shorter 12-ish character alphanumeric password, and went through. It led me to believe that they very likely store their password in plain, which obviously is *very* bad practice. It takes only one tiny hole of your application to pull the whole database out, and it doesn't even need to be cracked.

    Which leads me to the following part, that 404.. I've seen it earlier in websites where I tried SQL injections. My memory is rusty when it comes to pentesting but I recall that it was related to the first incarnation of prepared statements - mysql_escape_string or something like that. I recall that that one kind of works but not really..? I'll have to investigate further (I'd love to try to abuse that form a bit for all the time it got me wasted 😈) but I kinda doubt that it'll be much better than those plaintext passwords.

    And then I called them, and the first lass I got on the line complained to me that my line was bad, despite her headset mic making crackling noises the whole time, and me being fairly certain that my network is stable. Of course the fact that they couldn't reach their IT dept either because apparently their whole system went tits up doesn't help either... :')

    So yeah. That's where I'm coming from.

    I guess that in medicine it could be kinda compared to psychiatrists who are all too happy about throwing (often pointless, and I'm speaking with most of my childhood of experience with those) medicines at it with more often than not questionable effectiveness?
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    @Condor Mediine is liketrying to maintain usually 30 years code with someone else injecting their own all the time. And forget about doc.

    Human pychic is the worst, we have some clues how some drug works but sometimes you have fucking big group of drugs which works on one way and there is one which has same effect but works completly different :/ Some of drugs works only after quite long time of administration, other have a lot of interactions with drugs and food. You could throw questionable drugs, because we don't have other yet, but for God sake take care of your patient it it like debugging and also pharmacotherapy isn't only good one, change diet, behavior and other things which have huge impact and should be use with drugs

    We have little e-revolution in my country in Pharmacy system and each Pharmacist is identified only by his own password. In my current "job" there is 90 for technician and 62 for boss :/ fucking secure.
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    @Omnisus that's what I've heard some of the better psychiatrists I've been with over time mention as well when I asked the question of "well.. why didn't this work?" to them as well.. quite interesting actually. I've been off medication for several years now as the change that needed to be made was an environmental one along with having time to mature properly into the real society over being stuffed into psychiatric institutions with medications for most of my lifetime (which I think significantly impacted my development, and still catching up).

    Medicine didn't really "work" for me, it only smoothed the edges of the issues I had as a kid (and to some degree still do) and those institutions significantly exacerbated. It's really unfortunate how the worse psychiatrists couldn't see this and just threw more pills at it. I tend to see this occurring in development and administration as well.

    What I did find really interesting though is how much the knowledge on mental health issues improved from when I was still a 10-year old over a few years ago. Things have changed a lot for the better. That's something that really warms my heart 🙂
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    @Condor I think that direction is quite good and we have a lot of progress in medicine as general, but when it comes to individuals it could be great or not so. Each doctor could use her knowledge to use patient or take easy way for easy money as in each field.

    I hope for your best and keep working on yourself, because each of us has some things to catch up ;)

    I had some problems with health and have surgery at my 17 I guess but my roomates were like 5-11 because it was so obvious when you have results from some hearth tests that it was spot early on, but not for my docs apparently 😃
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    @irene huehuehue post-sometgong
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