Say what you want about Microsoft, but I'm working on a WPF app right now and they write some damn good documentation

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    I <3 WPF. Though avoid crazy shit like Prism like the fucking plague.

    If you’re going the MVVM route (and you should), stick to rolling your own implementation or finding a nice ‘light’ one. 👍
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    @Brolls I have no idea what prism is. I'm just using Visual studio and making some stuff to get started. Isn't MVVM the standard model that WPF uses?
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    @Orni it actually wasn’t! Microsoft used to advocate for just code behind in the views.

    It wasn’t until someone there decided to push MVVM and it became the defacto, it’s why so much of WPF and Windows Universal seems so geared against it sometimes (over reliance on events etc etc).

    Prism is Microsoft’s very-enterprise answer to an MVVM implementation and it’s massive overkill and way too annoying for its own good.
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