"I don't accept this, I demand that this gets solved right now"

It's funny how clients think that demanding that something gets solved "right now" will actually get it solved faster/right that moment.

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    Yeah acting like you have authority might help irl, but not on a phone call
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    It's pretty insulting. It assumes that you are capable of fixing the problem, but unwilling to do so until you've been sufficiently frightened.
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    Actually, it does work. Assuming that the responsible staff isn't just sitting there and playing pocket billiards, it's a matter of assigning priority to this customer's issue.
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    @Fast-Nop ohh, I love that game!

    Also, a polite request to elevate that ticket's priority, along with escalation in managerial level [you know.. A.K.A. Following the process] does have tge same effect. As a matter of fact - even a better one, as the technician is likely to do the task bcz he'd like to help you. Not bcz he's afraid. And a calm [i.E. Not frightened] mind does things faster, with less mistakes.

    A shotgun rammed in the forehead does raise you task's priority. It doesn't mean it's the best nor the most efficient route to take
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    @netikras Polite requests get ignored in many companies because the resource planning is "optimised". Means, as soon as anything unforeseen happens, there isn't enough qualified staff.

    Actually, the fastest way to ensure shit gets done is right via a lawyer and announcing some immediate court proceedings. Helps a lot e.g. with telecom providers where other customers can sit without connectivity for weeks.

    For those who don't have a lawyer or can't afford one, starting a social media shitstorm is also a promising strategy to get what they already had paid for.
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    @Fast-Nop We actually do give every ticket the correct priority as soon as it comes in. Sometimes people call after a ticket and don't agree with the possible solving timeframe and then we get this.
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    I whish you were every teamleader in the world. Things would go so much smoother.
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    @Fast-Nop khem khem. Polite requests have never been ignored in any company I've worked :) idk what support-from-hell you had to deal with tho...
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    @netikras And of you course you have to say that right after I bought my shotgun. "Thank you" pfff!
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    I call this the "I want my teddy bear! Now!"
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    I guess they think that demanding it makes it work like some sort of 'sudo'.
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