Me, starting my internship in ML.. coworkers come to me asking what computer I need:
Me: Well, something more powerful than this i3, and most importantly some kind of GPU for training.
Them: Ok, what kind of GPU?
Me: Well, a 1080 or 2080 should be more than enough and good performance for the price.
Them: Oh.. We were more thinking about a Tesla V100 or something like that!
Me: (internally) WTF this costs more than what you'll pay me for the internship, this is so cool. (to them) Oh, yes, why not, great perfomance, blah blah blah.

I would prefer them to pay me more, but at least they're not going to hold me down with bad components! Nothing to rant about for now.. Hope it'll stay the same ^^

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    It is internship, wait till you get hired I guess
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    Wow, cool. I have 1080Ti for local stuff at work. Good enough.
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    My first internship I had to bring my own computer in !

    They didn't have any of their own..

    Interestingly we had an inspection from higher ups who asked why I was playing games, we'll I'd done all my work in half a day instead of the week they gave me, by re-writing the code to be more efficient.

    They did eventually get their own computers, but then forbid anyone to code..
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    At my old job (where I did ML):

    Company: Okay we have a small server in the basement with 128 gb ram. You need a GPU for training, let’s get a 1080Ti.

    Receives it after ordering

    Company: oh shoot, the GPU is to big for the small server. Anyone at the office who wants a free 1080Ti?

    My colleague got it (he had been there longer than me).

    Later they talked about buying a new larger server with 2xV100. One of my colleagues there once told me, that at that specific company, money is just something that you spend... Ridiculous
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    - for completeness for the story, they got a 1070 as a temporary measure until they chose to upgrade the entire server
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    When your internship is over, you can go away, but your computer will definitely stay. So it makes sense that they can buy stuff that is even more expensive than your intern salary
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