My friend and I (both undergraduate) built a software to track emails for a local company (by the recommendation of my mom :D) now that is finished, it will cost $6 USD per 10,000 emails aprox. There is only one company that sells this service as a B2B, and the cost is near to $1,000 per 5,000 emails 😐. Things are always like that in the IT market?

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    Track emails?
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    Staff, offices, support, marketing, development. etc.....
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    @helloworld This. Building a prototype that does <insert function here> is one thing, making sure it’s built properly and securely is another. And making sure anyone knows it’s available is another problem still.

    That said, if you’ve found a way to do it cheaper and still make enough to not want to shoot yourself when supporting your product, then awesome! That’s called a business opportunity.
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    You are either severly underselling yourselves, or severly underestimating the work you'll need to do to keep the service running in the long term.
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    @Bielos No need to worry, it's a learning process. Servicing your existing customer will give you a good opportunity to gauge both, and you can use that to adjust your price for the next potential customer.
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