The monthly subscriptions plans are an open theft of customers money because of variable number of days in a month.

It's basically free money for companies with monthly pricing strategy.

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    It’s calculated at a month being ~30.4 days on average for the period of 12 months.

    Companies expect you the consumer to be onboard long term not on a month to month basis.

    So your 31 day months cover the 28/29 day month and it all balances back out.

    Otherwise... what you expected them to bill you every 24 hour period?
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    4 weeks plans are common today. So get one of these and you're paying for a constant time.
    But you'd better calculate it to the end. Little hint: Check the number of weeks of a year.
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    This is a fun bit of logic, let’s reverse it, why are you ripping off companies by paying the same amount on months with 31 days you filthy freeloading peasant?
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