Oh man setting up postfix and dovecot (plus things like rspamd) is a pain in the ass.
But it's worth it, having your own mail server is just quite a good feeling.
Now I just need to find out how to get it to pass the spam filter of Google, despite the server and the DNS zone being well-configured (better than my school's mail server according to tests, but that one still manages to pass. I have no idea why.)

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    Oh god I know the feeling, and I tend to skip the receiving part since the addresses I host are no-reply anyway
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    As for Google spam check, give it some time. If they receive a bunch of good emails from you over time, you'll get better rankings. Yes that's an infuriating system
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    @epse Mine are intentionally reply-to because I want to use it as my main mail server for anything I do with mail sever

    It's literally firstname@lastname lol
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    @filthyranter that's always so cool! Good luck with spam graylists!
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    Actually @linuxxx suggested mailcow to me.
    Might be a little bulky and eating some performance but you dont have to do anything :)
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    @ThatPerlDeb Mailcow? Never heard of that, thanks. Will consider using it instead of postfix and dovecot the next time I set up a mail server, haha.

    As for now, it works fine and is no longer widely considered as spam!
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    Mailcow sets up about everything related to mail stuff. Also creating new inboxes and redirects can be done with a few clicks
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    I can also recommend Mailcow :)
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    Well, I hate to only learn about it now ;)
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