Can you avoid doing work related stuff in the evenings? I mean, if you have a nice job which is also the same as your hobby...you easily end up fiddeling with stuff that can be useful at work at some point. But you won't get paid for the fiddeling at home really. Unless it makes you look like a really fast learner/expert all the time at work but you have spent insane amount of hours off work to reach that status...hmm...so in the end, you will get a raise from your boss (but in reality you probably don't).

Then you have these people who put no effort in anything and get paid more because of their honorable age and their bosses are younger and suffers some complexes because of that.

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    I probably should do more tech stuff in the evening, but I'm too busy cooking from scratch every night, being social, spending some quality time with my man, and running errands.

    Sorry, not sorry. There's more to life than code. If that's all you want, great, but if it isn't, remember, you only live once.
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    I have it as a hobby. Nobody at work asks me to play around with it, but when the mrs is out, we're tired of each others faces etc, I tend to fiddle with code.
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    @Letmecode maybe, but it feels like you are working in your spare time but you arent..really..or..maybe. Perhaps I should live off the grid at home :)

    Sometimes I wish I worked with something that I cant also do at home. Too bad there are simulators for everything.
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    @monolithicblob but if it feels like work, then it is not your hobby or you are still doing work. I sometimes program in the evening as hobby, so it is always my own project I am!working on, and using the language or framework I want, not because my work uses the same.
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