Pretty good explanation of why emacs is great. I was an evangelical vim user until I came to realise these points.

TL;DR main point:

The editor is second to the powerful and extensible underlying runtime, that makes extensions far easier to make and thus provides a better ecosystem. Although neovim is making strides to fix this

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    Isn't the guy that maintains the vim repository pretty douchy with the merge requests? Where he basically reviews the code, copies it and then commits it as his own so hes the single source.
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    He is, but neovim doesn't do so.
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    @beggarboy when asked how the project will keep going, he answered "keep me alive"

    @metamourge neovim is definitely an improvement, tho still lots of reasons to use emacs over it.
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    Spacemacs ftw, best of both imo
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    @RememberMe yeah definitely, it was absolutely the reason I made the switch in the end
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