Now, I'm not talking to the people that don't take it too serious, but rather to people that think their language is superior and others inferior. Why shit on PHP? A lot of stuff is build with this, including devRant. For me, I'd love to learn any languages that has a proper use for me. (With this sentence I'm excluding all exoteric languages, because they are useless) If anyone says, Python is awesome as fuck, yeah, I FUCKING AGREE. Anyone telling me anything is crap, I disagree. If it's that terrible, how do you know about it? If it was never used ever in a project, how can you know its terrible? You can't. Unless you coded that thing yourself.

Next time don't waste your time on shit like that. I AM ALSO LOOKING AT THE HOLY WAR APPLE VS MICROSOFT VS LINUX


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    #makePeaceAgain 😂 but on a more serious note I do agree. Although there will be always personal preferences, however flaming other things just because that is not what you like is an ignorant move...
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    Oh shit,
    Are you trying to cause a war?

    Because this is how you start a war!

    As for hating on languages, I couldn’t care less what you use, as long as you use it well, cleanly and format it consistently.

    Except for emoji code and the likes then I’ll hate you.
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    (Shits on Java) - slowly walks away
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    Every language is shit, in the right hands.
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    @C0D4 Yeah, but those are the exoteric languages. Flame them as much as you want :P
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    @lithiex exoteric, that's brain fuck, lolcode, emojicode, whitespace, etc?
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    @RTRMS Yup, all the random shit.
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    Welp... Back to punch cards it is...
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    "There are only two types of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses." - Bjarne Stroustrup

    Every time someone says a lanague is shit I think of this quote.
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    @luper this quote needs to die already, even when I purposely hallucinate, I see it floating in the air, like a Windows screensaver font
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    @sam9669 sorry gotta alway mention Bjarne cause C++ is the best.
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    @luper gamedev found
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    And then there is functional programming vs OOP
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    Because <insert language> is bad and you should feel bad.
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    @luper maybe that's why C++ is still horrible after 30 years =p
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    And the dead languages?
    I mean, no one likes them... Who still do real projects in assembly and B?
    But someone has to... To save them from oblivion....
    Unless studying the dead language raises a Mummy of course...
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    @RodrigoF There are more people than you realize who still code in assembly.
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