Apple: We are giving users the ability to block ads.
Facebook: It's Christmas Holy war!

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    Yes .... YES!

    Let these big tech titans blast each other into the ground so a new generation of hopefully better companies can rise
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    Won't happen, it'll just reinvigorate IBM and Oracle stock, and all the old lesser shitty tech companies will crawl out of the deep.
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    Hail Santa
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    @10Dev lol you think new companies won't turn into tech giants. Ok richard hendricks over her
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    "The 7 Big Enterprises: Blue ticks of the Holy War"
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    @Stuxnet yeah I know the new companies probably won’t be any different, but you can always hope so
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    Is it time to become a Luddite yet?
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    That market is flooded, unfortunately.
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    @Root Maybe a Luddite that targets the traitor establishment... I mean...nothing to see here.
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    What a child.
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    Umm no actually they never verified themselves in the first place

    Link to source: https://msn.com/en-in/news/...
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