Why do most docs have grey text color over a white background! It's just incredibly difficult to focus on. And my brain is like a potato to begin with.

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    Because that's a cheap way for incompetent designers to achieve a "clean" look, sacrificing legibility.

    Another option for idiot designers is to tuck away shit and sacrifice discoverability - think hamburger menus on desktop.
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    FX [ Notices himself reading white text over a light green background.. ]
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    @rutee07 true, too much contrast can also suck. Just following the WCAG 2.1 guidelines on contrast solves the problem. Not only that visually impaired people benefit, also regular users who aren't 20-somethings with laser eyes anymore.

    https://webaim.org/resources/... is useful for manual checks, and https://wave.webaim.org/ can even check a live webpage.
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    It is harder to read full black on white, the contrast hurts over time
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    Don't you just dial down the contrast / brightness settings ?

    I'm reminded in the old days, we only had B&W :-)


    The SM124 is a Hi-Res mono monitor, as opposed to the color SM125, which was color, but medium resolution, highly prized among the music community for its very clear display, while being easy on the eye for those long recording sessions.


    I quite like white on black, but only if the font size is big enough, and only if there is no screen tear when scrolling, or it makes me seasick !
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    @Nanos I keep the same setting across the day, only the blue light filter comes in at some point.

    Also, why change my setting when the standard is always grey over white?
    Note is has to be a very dark gray, someone pointer out that already.

    I think it is very assholey to ask your users to change settings because of your own bad design.
    Things are meant to be tweaked once, then leave it as it is.
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    I do prefer applications that let you tweak their settings so you never have to change them again and can keep your own monitors settings just so. (I find in practice I have to turn my brightness/etc. down quite a bit to keep many websites from being in your face extra bright, I find it quite difficult to find that sweet spot which works best with everything.)

    I'm reminded that just now, I had to power cycle my monitor because its colours/etc. got screwed and things suddenly went darker !

    Is this a common issue with HDMI connections ?

    So I must make a note, next website, design it with adjustable colour choices for users who have a specific preference. (Perhaps a few presets to avoid the need for cookies..)
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    @Nanos in "app" settings are nice indeed.
    But asking to change system settings because of crappy design is bad.

    So yeah, seems we got to a happy middle ,:D
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    I'm reminded about cookie-less designs.

    For example, I often find myself using another computer, or another OS on the same computer, another browser/etc. that its often the first time I visit site X, and of course, every time I visit, it tasks me for permission to use cookies, then do I want 'notifications', how about an advert popup to join their mailing list, and an advert for a new coffee brand as well, being how its my first time here..

    Not it isn't, I've been to this site 100+ times this year already, I don't need this shit every bloody time, I just want a naked website without any clutter on my screen !

    I can't be the only one that wants that. :-)

    As such, a few 'preset' buttons on a webpage (Like Lite, Dark, Average, Sensitive/etc.) wouldn't go amiss.. (Maybe even presets that can be URL activated, eg. saved in your favourites as www.website.com/preset3 would be quite nice..)
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    @Nanos like the way ddg does it.
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