What a day and what an achievement!!!

Today ladies and gentlemen I broke my record for number of passive aggressive “as per last email” comments, in a single email.

I now stand at 11

Today is a great day and I’d like to thank everyone not reading my emails who got me to this point. You guys are the real record holders!

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    Haha nice, congrats. Is the whole story (censored if needed) worthy of a rant or a comment here?
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    @SkuunAn I think it’s too boring for a separate rant.

    long story short I was sent a mail on Thursday, answered in Friday morning. They effectively sent the same email Monday morning just laid out differently, asking for feature start / end dates. So it went like:


    Feature A:
    - Already finished (per last email)

    Feature B:
    - Started Feb 25th (per last email)
    - Due to finish March 11th (per last email)

    Feature C:
    - Start March 11th (per last email)
    - Due to finish March 25th (per last email)

    Feature D:
    - Work item has changed since last meeting and we are waiting on info as to what it is we have to do ... per last email

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    Did you also conclude your email with "best regards (per last email)"? 😋
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    As per last mails you have 2 deliveries this month good luck =)
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    @Commodore and start with:

    Dear Fuckwit (per last email),
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