Wtf is this? I searched for my problem and have to pay money to see the answer an 'expert' gave to another user who needed help? And I don't even know if it would solve my problem. That's definitely a great marketing strategy.


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    Ignore that place - some time ago they just scraped answers from forums and StackExchange ... like, you'd find word for word 1:1 the same question and same few answers except the solution, which was hidden unless you'd pay (or found it on the source they skimmed it off of). Back in the days when Google hadn't web-crawled the WWW, there were large parts of it, that you couldn't find on/with Google.
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    @theKarlisK Okay wow that must be a joke. I mean.. nice try though!
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    @Creep I'm guessing they've grown out their userbase over the years and don't have to artificially populate their questions/answers. But from my point of view they'll always be just a moneyscam site.
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    Ah EE - where free information became a currency.
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    I remember when their url didn't have the hyphen 😉
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    You can click that thin link under the big yellow pay button to display your "complementary free answer" tho I I'm not mistaken
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    experts exchange sucks doo doo you know
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    Someone out there literally said "Maaan, I bet there are some chumps who are so fed up with Stack Exchange they'd pay money to get answers elsewhere." And apparently they were at least somewhat correct.
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