I’ve been programming for 20 years now. My friends and family never really understood what I did back in the days. And they still don’t.
All they saw was a kid who was good with computers. Your friendly neighborhood tech guy who would take a look at your computer for free.
I’m sure most of you have been in the same situation.

When people ask me what I do for a living. I’d just say “something with computers”. Because most of the time they will ask me to look at their computers and I’d reply with “oh that’s not what I do”.

When I was younger, I’d try to explain what I actually do for a living. To really tell people the problems we as a programmer solves on a daily basis or the things we create. That’s really hard to explain to “common” people.

So whenever someone asks me what I do for a living? It’s always something with computers ;)

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    Muggles' minds are not capable to process our matters
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    @Stuxnet yeah that’s the easy part. Now try to explain what you actually do? They will all go like ah yes ok, cool. Or in short. I really didn’t get what you were saying xD
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    @mpie Nobody really gives a shit what you actually do, the question is merely seeking a title to associate with your job.

    When I ask someone, say a lawyer, what they actually do, I want a generalized answer or job title. Nobody wants to hear "Well I sit around and read dozens or even hundreds of transcripts from previous court cases all around the country. Then I meet with my clients and we discuss all the evidence that is present to determine the route to take. Then I go back and read more transcripts from court cases again. Finally, come the day of the trial I usually try to convince a group of 12 people that this person who did the crime didn't actually do it."
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    @Stuxnet it all depends on the occasion ofcourse
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    @Stuxnet I didn’t do it, you’ll never convince them, I have a tragic backstory.
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    @mpie Any time I get specific questions about the technicalities of what I want to do after I graduate, it comes from others in the industry.

    And if they're not in the industry, it basically stops after "what's your major?" and "what do you want to do for a job?" whenever I give a basic answer.

    But I mean, if they're not going to understand it, don't waste your time.

    I'm still trying to figure out what's so difficult about explaining what you do. Can you give me an example of what you tell them?
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    I normally just answer with my job title. When someone really wants to know details, I tell them that I solve problems we wouldn't have without computers. 😉
    ... And if that isn't enough, then I tell them a bit about "talking" to SCSI devices, and there they usually give up. 😁
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    Just say that you make apps. Most people get that.
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    I knew someone who used to describe their job as working in a banana factory, after that no one ever asked them for more details. :-)
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    I'm trying to type a short snippet of a conversation to you but devrant keeps giving me this error:
    error: "Your comment couldn't be created, most likely because the comment was blank."

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    I'll add it as an image instead, cause the comment on devrant is somewhat broken if you type a long comment.
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    I used to describe programming as like the person who writes the music sheets for musicians to play.

    Of course, it has to be jpeg and not png..
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    @Nanos i might use that metafor at some point
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    With musicians = computer.
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