Goddamn I'm retarded to the next level.

Rebooted my phone a few days ago, some stuff didn't work well anymore and I'm looking for a new one which supports custom roms but I shouldn't spend too much right now so I thought I'd let it go for now.

Rebooted again last night and the network time wouldn't set properly so set it manually. Today I suddenly noticed that any app/page loading through a secure connection wasn't loading at all.

This to the goddamn point that my phone was becoming useless.

Started to search for a quick, cheap replacement supporting custom roms while debugging on and on.

I just (now) looked at the date and BAM, it hit me: I set it to one month earlier.

Mother of god I'm stupid. Brain fart to the max.

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    I actually ssh'd into one of my servers from my phone to get the current date 😅
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    Wouldn't have had this problem if you were using a Pixel phone 😉😂😂
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    @linuxxx ah come on it was just a sarcastic comment bc you'd probably just use a slide phone over a Googe device lol

    Just trying to see what reaction I can get lmao
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    @Stuxnet Oh no I would use a Google smartphone over a slide one.

    But, with a custom ROM without any Google services.

    Although... as for a phone from Google own brand you might be right actually.... 😅
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    @linuxxx Yeah I meant like a Pixel. I don't imagine you using a Pixel lol
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    @linuxxx I sometimes do that as well. No idea why: I got a fucking watch that shows my date, my phone, but nah I need to ssh into my server with a password-protected ssh key to see the date
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    @linuxxx Motorola phones are actually pretty affordable. And at least my Moto G5 Plus has an awesome dev community with a lot of custom ROMs.
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    I've been out of the custom rom game for years. I remember CyanogenMod, AOKP, liquid, slim, paranoid, and MIUI. What's popular today?
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    @illuminous CyanogenMod has been rebranded to LineageOS as Cyanogen Inc. shutdown.
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    Just get a dumb phone for calls and texts and use a laptop for everything else....
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