Making an API REST endpoint in laravel, adding this just for the fun XD

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    Dude that’s perfect. Instead of looking for what header you’re missing. Love it. Ship it booOooom BaBy mmMMmmmMm
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    If that header is left out you can assume that they want the response rendered as images inside a docx file and respond accordingly.
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    @ItsNotMyFault i know i can default on json but its more funny ... But dont panic is only a laravel passport test :P
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    Awesome! But for-real fuck homestead.
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    @dUcKtYpEd im not to good with docker kubernety ... I cannot connect to it with an static ip dont know why
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    @jak645 It’s a hassle to setup. I’ve just continued using valet. Homestead messed up my local environment for damn near everything else. I work with a lot of cms stuff on the side and it took me far too much work to get rid of the remnants of vagrant so that anything else could work. That and my 8g of ram on my MacBook Pro won’t run homestead without wanting to fly away and only off one cpu allocated
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