Is it just me or anybody else also feels like that DevRant will become like a social credit from Black Mirror ?

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    I've replaced my resumé with a base64-encoded concatenation of all my devRant comments and I'm doing just fine.
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    Probably just you
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    @M1sf3t Black Mirror is a Netflix series that "predicts" shit or something.

    There was an episode where you had to have a certain rating to do stuff or something. Dunno for sure.

    Always felt the show was trying to be deep but it was actually just shallow asf and portrayed as deep.
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    Dark Mirror is as deep as a puddle of spilled glass of water. What it does is speculates about "what if" scenarios by applying absolutely ignorant extremes to try to point out why this or that would be bad if it was real. For example - oh no, what if everyone earned their income based on a social network score? B**h - if that happened no one would work and the infrastructure itself providing said social network would fail and die.
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