I just *thought* about buying a domain. Now I get goDaddy ads literally everywhere. That's some next level spying right there. :o

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    It's the worst place to do so, even :P
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    @filthyranter may I ask why? I have most of my domains hosted at TransIP but I had to preregister my <firstname>.dev at godaddy because transip didn't have them then. Still in an auction for that one.
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    @alexbrooklyn GoDaddy tries really hard to keep you with them, prevents transfers and stuff. Additionally, they do scummy stuff such as implementing trackers on customers' website.
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    @filthyranter Ooh I remember that now, I've read that before! Luckily I have my VPS at TransIP and will only be using the domain at GoDaddy. Thanks for the info!
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