I got an email about the job opening of a "HTML Developer" in a leading telecom company in our country.

A HTML Developer? Really ? Are you expecting a html only website in this day an age? How can you be a "leading company" when you did not even know the correct term for a front end web development job post

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    i guess thats exactly what defines a leading company...else it would be a startup
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    I worked for a Fortune 100 company. For approximately 15 years their US careers page misspelled "positions."

    CLICK HERE to search or apply to open positons.

    I sent a comment later and they finally fixed it. Now the page is just really ugly. Yes, it really uses caps, red text, and yellow highlighting like it's 1994. You can apply there right now for a developer job. They're not hiring for UX or design because they have lots of experts.
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    I would love a website with Only HTML5 and CSS3. Fast as lightning. Stop using this bloated shit called JavaScript. There are way too many frameworks. I would be more impressed by a HTML/CSS website, which looks good, rather than a ton of JavaScript shit
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    @badwiring looks like phishing email 😂😂😂😂😂
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