Wtf! I have to listen to a commercial from the phone company before going to the call. I'm in Peru.

Is there a way to skip this? I'm not even sure why this is f*cking legal.

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    Wait I'm confused.

    Are you making a call and there's an ad before it starts dialing?

    Are you calling the phone company?

    Are you calling the phone company's support number?
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    Plays an add before dialing the Number.

    And no, these are just average phone calls.

    If it was for support or calling the company, I wouldn't mind.

    But it is an ad played for every damn call
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    @nachocode Should fill out some kinda complaint form or something then, because that's fucked.

    I've had ads while calling like a support number or the number for a large chain store, but not before average calls.
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    What the hell?
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    Same fucking story in India, makes you listen to offers from the telecom company and we are having this for quite some time now...
    Just imagine a emergency situation and you have to waste time listening commercials even before the call connects!!
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    @samghatak Lawsuit.
    Very very expensive lawsuit.
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