Have a glass of wine before an interview. Boosts your confidence.

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    I don't really like wine. Can I drink whisky instead? Or will it throw an exception? Asking real questions here!
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    A shot before an interview is often a good idea 😊
    Especially for us introverts.
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    I had something to drink today and seeing how more open and talkative I am I might consider it.

    Ofcourse I wouldn't actually do it :p
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    @Agred I think the takeaway is that the type of alcohol doesn't matter, just keep it to one portion. This sets you a reasonable buffer at two and keeps you well away from three, which is where for most people is where the good idea starts turning quite unexpectedly bad.
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    @M1sf3t r/whoosh or did I misinterpret your message as a sincere one instead of continuation of my joke?
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    @Agred You know now that you ask I'm not sure 🤔

    I actually use technique occasionally for face to face interviews and also for work in social environments. Go past three shots tho and the results will be quite humorous, just don't count on getting/keeping the job
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    Horse tranquilizers in one arm and speed in the other. I didn't get the job.

    (I stole 90% of this joke from Cards Against Humanity)
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    @ihatecomputers we used to make the medics give us iv's before pt if we ever stayed out too late drinking. This was a practice employed by everyone from our company's c.o down. 😂
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