Hi guys, do you recommend any useful app for the home administration? For example, to keep track of deadlines, bills, shopping (for this I use Bring!), for filing tax documents ...

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    I have this suspicion you are a dev?
    And as a dev... should be solving said problems with you’re own creation.
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    I was a dev...
    Anyway the question is for a home use of these tools.
    A good app can used in a business situation, but for now I need them for my home/family
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    Did a quick ddg search and found this https://www.gogeoh.com/

    It works as long as youre not from europe
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    @HampusMa i'm in italy! It's a pity, but thanks
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    Wave is almost everything you asked for
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    @HampusMa That's... Shady, to say the least. After finding this out, I wouldn't use that even if I weren't in Europe...
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