Kinda want to buy it to be honest

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    I don’t think @dfox found devrant.dev to be interesting
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    What about rant.dev? 😉
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    @beleg rant.dev is already taken x.x
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    Even if you'd buy it, if they have devRant licensed they can just take it from you.
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    @bkwilliams dev-rant.rant.dev
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    A few weeks ago before I discovered this site I bought toxicdevrant.com. The idea was a site similar to this one. Ironically the "toxic" part was a joke. I was thinking something with a few less f-bombs.
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    @badwiring hahaha I like it
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    @beggarboy I doubt the devrant is a registered trademark
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    We were thinking of getting it when they came out, but didn’t really see a point. It’s kind of a silly tld to be honest. rant.dev might have been cool, but that was taken. I can’t really see these catching on anyway.
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    @dfox Personal websites for devs with the .dev extension can be interesting because you can still get <your name>.dev which looks pretty clean!
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